EVD (Electronic Voucher Distribution)

PayOne is an aggregator of electronic digital products and services placed in a one stop shop. Electronic products such as Airtime vending and top up sales as well as other electronic voucher items create an opportunity for the retailer: small, medium and megastores to upsell their customers with an essential need – Prepaid Airtime, Electricity Bill, Movie Tickets, Lotto Game, etc.

The interesting part of this opportunity is retailers do not have to tie down their capital into electronic voucher items yet they have a full benefit of increasing their profits

The benefits to the retailer are:

  1. Increase your sales revenue and profit.
  2. No need to tie down your working capital
  3. Enhance your customer loyalty by your expanded offering
  4. Increase customer thru-put at your locations
  5. Sales of small value items can lead to sale of large value ones