Financial Inclusion

The PayOne solution is designed to substantially boost the pace of attaining the key deliverables of enhanced BVN registration and reduction in Adult Exclusion rate.

This Branchless Banking solution suite comprises of a Digital Identity Infrastructure, Agent Banking platform, Digital Products and Services platform and Ancillary support services. It assembles all the component devices required for BVN registration and Agent Banking services in an All-In-One portable device.

In summary, the PayOne solution suite will boost the key CBN initiatives as well as joint initiatives with government key MDAs as follows:

  1. Boost Financial Inclusion initiatives in the lower rung of the market.
  2. Drive Agency/Branchless banking thereby increasing the number of Agents.
  3. Enhance BVN registration in the “Last Mile” and reduce Adult Exclusion rate.
  4. Promote the speedy disbursement of government initiated intervention funds.
  5. Create jobs at the grassroot and boost self-employment.